Review of “Uprooted” at World Music Central by Angel Romero


Minor Empire’s impressive new album Uprooted is hard to categorize as it straddles various musical genres. It’s been described as Turkish psychedelia and world music as well.

Based in Canada, Minor Empire brings together Turkish traditional music and progressive, trance-like guitar sounds that take the listener to other realms.

The group’s sound is characterized by the graceful, otherworldly vocals of lyricist Özgü Özman and the spellbinding guitars and electronics of music composer Ozan Boz. Tradition meets cutting edge technology.

The lineup on Uprooted includes Özgü Özman on vocals; Ozan Boz on electric guitar, percussion and electronics; Michael Occhipinti on electric guitar; Chris Gartner on electric bass; Ben Riley on drums; and Patrick Graham on global percussion.

The CD booklet includes the lyrics in Turkish and English-language translations.

Uprooted is a finely crafted, deeply mesmerizing album rooted in Turkish traditions.