“The music on Uprooted is spacey and trippy and Ozgu Ozman’s captivating voice is definitely one of the stars of this record.”
Big City Small World, CBC Radio One

“Magical zones and fantasy tones erupting around at Burdock last night as Minor Empire held voluptuous sway over an enraptured house.”
Corby’s Orbit

“While many elements of this recording are praiseworthy, there are standouts. For one, the top-flight instrumental work throughout, … Every shimmer of guitar …, every subtle crunch of electronics and fresh layer of percussion is crystalline. … the group also have their rockin’ moments, notably on ‘Gunes Turkusu’ (Sun’s Song), ‘Mendilimin Yesili’ (The Green of My Handkerchief), and ‘Selanik Turkusu’ (Song of Thessaloniki). But even within these, it’s typically a matter of tension and release, and of a coiled power that builds up only to return to Ozman’s arrow-to-the-heart vocals.”
Songlines UK

“The group’s sound is characterized by the graceful, otherworldly vocals of lyricist Ozgu Ozman and the spellbinding guitars and electronics of music composer Ozan Boz. Tradition meets cutting edge technology… Uprooted is a finely crafted, deeply mesmerizing album rooted in Turkish traditions.”
World Music Central

“The same qualities which propelled the band to the top of the Canadian world music radio charts – Ozman’s limpid renditions of traditional Turkish folk songs and her own compositions with Turkish lyrics, accompanied by Boz’s electro-funk soundscapes – also serve Minor Empire very well in Uprooted… However you categorize it, the star here is Ozman’s voice. Her use of characteristic Turkish vocal ornamentation in the songs, sung in Turkish, is relaxed yet focused, warm and expressive even to those unfamiliar with the language. A large part of this music’s accessibility to general Canadian audiences is no doubt due to Boz’s studio-savvy vernacular-infused settings.”
The WholeNote

“ I love how their sound blurs the lines between electronic and traditional Turkish music. I like how textured and trippy it is, and I especially like the guitars on this album – ominous and psychedelic.”
CBC Radio One

“The ineffable quality of Ozgu’s voice at the center of each song is the jewel from which the band radiates. Her charisma at center stage is both becalming and insurrectionary as the stream of her breathy voice urges the band and audience into deep feelings of longing and tranquility. Inspiration galore will be provided by this young and innovative group of master players.”
Roots Music Canada 

“Uprooted takes the listener on a voyage of imagination. Always fearlessly rising, Minor Empire provides lush musical scenery and never succumbs to the perils of disaster and despair and doubt which plague those who remain rooted in the temporal plane, but persist towards another world that holds the promise of true soul nourishment, and a new home for hungry roots.”
Corby’s Orbit

“The album is a perfect symbiosis between the Turkish traditional elements and the contemporary jazz and electronic sounds. What I like so much is the authentic atmosphere the music breaths, but it’s modern sound at the same time. It’s tradition from a new generation, perfectly arranged, highest quality and an exciting collaboration between professional musicians. ..the album is like a concept record, all compositions have their own atmosphere but are connected at the same time, they form a natural completeness. A dream debut!”
 Folk World 

“Group addresses Turkish roots in entrancing musical project. Ozman’s exceptional emotional expression becomes a language unto itself.”
 Edmonton Journal

“This group of talented musicians have a deep understanding of what is takes to create dreamy and cinematic textures that unfold with a seeming simplicity. You hear it in the pure and sinuous vocals of Ozman, and in the percussion that simmers with delicious intensity “
Songlines UK

“East and West connect in Minor Empire’s sad songs. The result rocks. Minor Empire’s sound is simultaneously ancient and modern, happy and sad—and perfectly suited to the folk-festival stages.”
Georgia Straight

“Flashing a polished, sophisticated sound, this Toronto-based group coaxes both Western and Turkish music into a delicious dance that is both fresh and stylishly hip. Deeply exotic, Second Nature moves effortlessly through 14 evocative tracks fashioned out of ripe Turkish hues and moody Western atmospheric landscapes. Bold, expertly worked and voluptuous, Second Nature will surely have world music fans clamoring for the next installment from Minor Empire.”
World Music Central

“…careful combinations of Western pop sounds, jazz improvisations, and Turkish traditional music and superb arrangements. The result is a smart band creating intriguing sounds and melodies set to a backdrop of funky beats. Ozman’s sultry vocals weave effortlessly through a tapestry of musical influences. “
The WholeNote

“De Toronto, la chanteuse Ozgu Ozman tisse l’une des plus belles musiques à partir de ses racines turques: tout en élégance, l’interprétation est raffinée dès le départ. Et Ozman marie sa voix aux splendides croisements de guitares électriques et atmosphériques. On reste souvent dans les maqâms turcs, on ajoute des climats planants et on invite un musicien de marque dans presque toutes les pièces. Il s’agit bien de cela: le disque propose un équilibre quasi parfait entre les climats d’intimité et les claques percussives, entre la nuit des temps et l’urbanité qui s’y fond.”
Le Devoir

“A slinky, dub-y Turkish soup of knotty rhythms, largely unsweetened. Chris Gartner’s deft bass work nearly melts into the percussion, as do Ozan Boz and Michael Occhipinti’s guitars, for that matter. Ozgu Ozman is front and centre with effective vocals, both sexy and serpentine, but never outlandishly so. The atmosphere is successfully dreamy without being wan and its sunny moods aren’t cloying. Best of all, this disc makes you want to check them out live.”

“With their unusual sound it is hard not to notice the sound of Minor Empire. The result of the modern and tradition mixing is a fluid fusion of ambience, rhythm and beat with a distinct worldly vibe.”
Banff Crag and Canyon

“..among the best I’ve heard lately. Ozan Boz touches no world music soup, he creates a dynamic virtuosity and masters the balance between electronic and acoustic instruments. Be sure to listen!”
Folk World 

“Canada is producing some of the best contemporary Turkish music.”
RNE Radio 3, Spain